Becas Chipre/Cyprus Scholarships

3 01 2008

Cyprus International University offers a number of specially funded scholarships and grants. Students must have one of these conditions in order to get a scholarship.

1- All international students are granted a scholarship by the Board of Trustees of CIU.
The tuition fee for international students is 2700 EURO per year.

2- Cyprus International University Scholarship:
This scholarship is granted on the basis of the entrance examination conducted by the university and special criteria established by the Rector’s Office.(TRNC Citizens only)

3- Student Placement Test Scholarship:
Cyprus International University grants a number of scholarships, to students who take the top places among the students who select CIU based on the Student Placement Test. The students are selected by the Student Selection and Placement Center for Universities (OSYM)(TR Citizens only).

4- Academic Honor / High Honor Scholarships:
Funds are available for students who have studied at least two semesters in CIU, completed all necessary courses and have a GPA of at least 3.50 and CGPA of 3.00.

For detailed information on the above scholarships and other types of financial aids, please contact the Registrar’s Office through



Scholarships in Cyprus

American University Cyprus (AUC)


American University Cyprus (AUC) is located in the northern part of Cyprus in the beautiful city of Kyrenia and it is the most centrally located island of the globe, making AUC unique from other universities.


Learning at AUC is a great experience. Computer Laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and internet access is available at any time. The university library has links with other universities in North Cyprus, universities in Turkey, the USA and the UK to enable students to read and download published magazines and journals.  Games and sports facilities are excellent. Service centers such as catering, health and counseling services are available, along with book shops.


AUC is giving its education following the American (credit) system. 1 academic year consists of 3 semesters: Fall, Spring and Summer.  AUC has global partners with universities of 25 countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany etc.  It has partnership with the University of Northern Virginia (UNVA) in the USA, and has established UNVA Cyprus in Northern Cyprus. Students have an option of having either and/or both AUC and/or UNVA degrees as long as they fulfill the requirements. AUC offers Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degrees in the field of Business and Economics, Engineering and Architecture, Law and Education.


AUC offers opportunity to obtain “Dual Degree” through various study options. AUC offers opportunity to study at University of Northern Virginia (UNVA) in Virginia, USA, and opportunity to study at UNVA-Prague in Czechoslovakia in Central Europe.


AUC offers scholarship to students, provides reasonable Tuition Fees, affordable leaving expenses and free visa.


GAU provides full assistance through out the application process of the student, easy acceptance, reduced fees and affordable conditions.


At AUC you have the opportunity to choose any of the option, based on your



1. 3+1 option:  You can study at AUC Cyprus Campus for 3 years and study the final year at UNVA or UNVA-Prague, and obtain dual degree from AUC and UNVA or UNVA-Prague.


2. 2+2 option:  You can study at AUC Cyprus Campus for 2 years and study the final 2 years at UNVA or UNVA-Prague, and obtain dual degree from AUC and UNVA or UNVA-Prague.


3. 4 years at AUC: You can study at AUC Cyprus Campus for 4 years, and pay extra 250$ per year to obtain dual degree, either from UNVA or UNVA-Prague, at the end of the program.


Scholarships:  AUC is offering scholarship (full and partial) to students wishing to enroll in AUC for the fall semester in September 2005. Students who have completed 10 credit courses and have a CGPA minimum of 3.00 can also apply for a scholarship. Scholarships are offered to students who represent AUC in a sporting activity (from 20%-100%scholarship) as well.



Tuition fees and living expenses:

For 1 Academic year

Bachelor’s Degree:    1year         

Registration Fee:   US$ 300                              

Tuition Fee:       US$ 4200   

Sports and Cultural Activities fees:   US$ 105 (this is taken after the 1st year, each semester.)

Books: US$ 100-150 per semester  

Accommodation:  from 1000$ (Double room) – 1400$ (single room) per year.

Minimum living expenses for 1 year: 2000$ – 2500$, depending on the student’s individual life style. 

Total: US$ 8700 minimum 

Students can also complete the studies within 3 years if they take summer semester.


MBA Degree:

1 Course: 500 $, 1 course = 3 credits., in one semester student should take minimum 3 courses.


Scholarship offer

American University Cyprus is now offering 40% scholarship to the prospective students who will enroll in the Spring 2005 semester as a part of celebrating its 20th anniversary year of American university. After the first year, students whose CGPA is 3.00 can also apply for a scholarship.  AUC students who actively take part in sport events can also apply for the scholarship (20%-100%).

An application form can be obtained from the registrar’s office or apply by email:





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