Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

4 01 2008

Are you a graduate student? Would you like to study or train abroad? The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan can help you broaden your horizons, experience another culture and further your education.

What is the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan?

The Plan is a scholarship that enables students from Commonwealth countries to study in other Commonwealth countries. The Plan has been helping students develop their education since 1959 (21,000 Scholarships have been awarded during this time).

The Plan funds your postgraduate study in a Commonwealth country. This includes:

all your academic fees
a books and apparatus allowance
travel costs to and from the UK
approved travel for your study
a personal allowance (plus allowances for spouse and children where applicable).

What courses does the Plan cover?

The Plan funds most courses at Masters or PhD level (running for one to three years). They are available for any subject. It is sometimes available for undergraduate courses if the course is not available in Malta.

Can I apply?

You can apply for a Fellowship if you are resident in Malta (or a Commonwealth country listed under the scheme). You need to be a postgraduate student with an upper second class degree or higher (you must have received this degree at first or Masters level within the last ten years). You don’t need to have a university place before applying.

How do I apply?

Before applying, check whether the country you want to study in is included in the scheme. You will then need to contact Malta Ministry of Education

You will then need to return your completed form to them.

When do I apply?

Application deadlines vary, depending on the institution you are applying to. You can find out more through the Association of Commonwealth Universities coursefinder service.

If your application is successful

You will be funded to live in your chosen commonwealth country for the period of your study. During this time, you will be able to work part-time (no more than twenty hours per week), or full-time during the academic holidays.

You will not be able to work permanently in the UK once your course is finished. You are expected to return to your country, where you can put your new skills and experience into practice.



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